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Intruder detection

All our systems are installed in accordance with the new European standards that came into effect on the 1st October 2005—EN 50131 (PD 6662:2004) and DD 243, we are on the roll of “approved installers” with SSAIB and will issue a certificate of conformity with every installation completed. We can provide you with Police response in accordance with the current ACPO policy. Our intruder alarms can be connected to an Alarm Receiving Centers (ARC) via the renowned BT Red CARE network which ensures a secure signalling path for the alarm activations, even if the communications line is attacked or develops a fault an alarm will be generated at the ARC to let you know of an alarm or communications line failure. All our systems are designed to the highest standard in accordance with all current regulations ans British and European Standards. We comply with the Association of Chief Police Offices (ACPO) requirements and can provide a Police response intruder alarm system to satisfy your insurance requirements alarm clauses.

Domestic intruder alarms

There is a range of electronic security systems available to protect your home, from bells only systems, to fully monitored systems and CCTV. The type of system you choose depends upon your budget and the nature of valuables you wish to protect. Insurers will frequently offer a discount on the cost of content insurance if you have a burglar alarm fitted by a company certificated by a body such as SSAIB, Olympass are certified by the SSAIB. Olympass will visit your property and carry out a risk assessment and discuss with you, your areas of concern. From there we will provide you with a detailed specification of our recommendations, which we recommend you submit to your insurers for evaluation. Your insurers may give you discounted rates by having a compliant, graded system installed.All our systems are fully EN50131 compliant and will be certified to the relevant standard and grade you choose. Many security non-approved and approved installers offer you a low installation price and then tie you in for a minimum period of 36 months, not at Olympass. The offer price is our outright purchase price, and should you wish to enter into a maintenance and monitoring contract the terms of the contract will be tailored to suit your needs. There are various options available from bells only systems to fully maintained and monitored systems. Olympass can also incorporate Fire Detection and CCTV into your design depending on the level of security you choose to be right for you.

Alarm monitoring

Intruder Alarms and fire alarms depending on their capabilities can be programmed to send a signal if an alarm is activated. This gives you peace of mind that if you premises are empty or if you are in a domestic property on a night set that should an intruder enter your premises a signal will be sent via our chosen method to summon help. A traditional bells only system will on alert neighbours whom may ignore the alarm to allow intruder to continue their quest or in the event of a fire the property to be destroyed. Police Forces or Fire Brigade do not attend properties which have a bell ringing unless there if confirmation that an offence or fire is in progress. Monitoring works by connecting your Intruder Alarm/Fire Alarm to an Alarm receiving Center (ARC) via a telephone connection, the different types are listed below. This ensures your property is protected 24 hours, 365 days a week. Upon receiving a sequential, audio or visual verification signals from your alarm to advise of an intruder or fire our operators follow the proceeds you have asked ask to preform, firstly calling the premises to ensure it is not a false alarm and then if appropriate inform your keyholders and police/fire brigade within seconds.

More about us and what we do

Access Control

Olympass Security Solutions install and maintain a wide range of access control products, including key fob and card proximity readers, Biometric readers (fingerprint) and facial recognition. All of these can be a simple stand alone systems or PC networked and multi site systems. Access control system can be integrated with intruder alarms, CCTV, gates and barriers.

Audio and Video Door Entry Systems

Audio and video entry systems allow communication between visitor and property owner, via audio or video, as well as allowing the property owner to activate doors and gates from inside the property, giving visitors swift door access. Ornate brass units and anti-vandal stainless steel systems can be installed, with systems available with connections to both land lines and mobile phones, as well as being programmable via SMS


CCTV Systems serve many purposes for residential and commercial properties. When installed in a property, and are visible to passers-by, they act as a deterrent to criminal activity and increase personal safety. In the unfortunate event of a break-in or theft they can provide vital evidence leading to the prosecution of the individuals involved. We design CCTV systems for both commercial and residential properties across the England and Wales. We supply, install and maintain the most appropriate CCTV system for your needs to provide the most effective deterrent of criminal activity at your premises. Our systems can consist of one camera, a monitor and a digital recorder up to several fully controllable pan, tilt and zoom cameras with motion detection and audio if required connected to our monitoring centre. All our CCTV systems are installed to SSAIB and British and European Standards ensuring that you get the best possible CCTV system installation and service possible.
Olympass Security Solutions are SSAIB accredited for Intruder Detection, Access Control, CCTV


  • paxton access
  • HID
  • urmet
  • ievo
  • BPT
  • NVT
  • texecom
  • honeywell
  • BT redcare
  • samsung CCTV
  • Dedicated Micros
  • grosvenor
  • Olympass Security Solutions are SSAIB accredited for Intruder Detection, Access Control, CCTV and BS EN ISO 9001:2008.

    SSAIB is your guarantee you are employing an approved company where you can be confident that the installer;

  • Has been screened in accordance with the relevant British Standard.
  • Holds appropriate insurance.
  • Is competent to install security systems.
  • Has sufficient staff to provide the services offered.
  • Operates from suitable premises with high security of documents and records.
  • Can install systems that are eligible for Police Response.
  • Can install systems acceptable to your insurer.
  • Installs and maintains systems that are in accordance with the relevant standards.
  • Is subject to regular inspection to check the standard of work.
  • Issues a certificate of conformity for each system.

  • Why use us

    Why use us

    • Intergration.

      At Olympass Security Solutions integration is what we do best. We partner with the leading security technology innovators to bring our clients the latest security solutions, tailor made to meet current and future requirements.

    • Experience.

      Olympass Security Solutions brings the same expertise and “know how” to each and every solution we install. From small intruder alarm systems to multi site, integrated systems. Olympass are the experts and the company you can rely on for all of your security needs. .

    • Relationship.

      Olympass Security Solutions has forged long-term client relationships across multiple sectors. We understand that each site has specific security requirements and offer tailor made solutions to the clients specification and latest European Standards.


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